03/2024 A typology of shifting coordinators and its implications for theories of clitics. Talk at DGfS 2024. Bochum.
01/2024 In defense of cyclic coordination structures: The view from German. Talk at NELS 54. Boston (together with Marie-Luise Schwarzer). [pdf]
11/2023 A typology of shifting coordinators: Implications for theories of clitics and their formal modelling. Talk at the CYCLOP Colloquium. Leipzig [pdf]
09/2023 Matching domains: The syntax, morphology, and phonology of the verb in Sinhala. Talk at Harvard University, Morphology Reading Group FoRiM. Boston (with Paula Fenger).
06/2023 A qualitative typology of floating coordinators and its implications for theories of clitics. Talk at the International Conference on Contrastive Linguistics. ICLC. IDS Mannheim
01/2023 A two-step clitic placement algorithm in Khwarshi. Poster at NELS 53. Göttingen.
01/2023 Matching locality domains across modules: A Case study from Sinhala. Talk at NELS 53. Göttingen (together with Paula Fenger)
05/2022 Limits of Umlaut in Sinhala. Talk at the Syntax/Morphology Colloquium. Goethe-Universität Frankfurt (together with Paula Fenger)
04/2022 Limits of Umlaut in Sinhala. Talk at GLOW. Queen Mary University of London (together with Paula Fenger)
12/2020 The morphosyntactic properties of negation in Udmurt and Meadow Mari: Typology and Theory. Invited talk at the 5th workshop on Volga-Kama Sprachbund languages. Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow
11/2020 A typology of Shifting Coordinators and its implications for theories of cliticization. Invited talk at the Penn syntax group. University of Pennsylvania
10/2019 Floating Conjunctions and the Syntax/Prosody Interface - Talk at NELS 50 - Boston, MIT, [pdf]
10/2019 Ellipsis does not bleed Lowering - Evidence from do-support and fragment answers in Finno-Ugric - Poster at NELS 50 - Boston, MIT (together with Ekaterina Georgieva and Martin Salzmann)
07/2019 Über Aber - Talk at the GGS 45 Frankfurt
05/2019 The Direction of Allomorphy as a test for the Direction of Head Formation - Talk at CRAFF - Brno (together with Martin Salzmann)
05/2019 Telling allomorphy from agreement - Poster at CRAFF - Brno
05/2019 Forming Verb Clusters Postsyntactically: Evidence from Udmurt and Mari - Talk at Glow 42 - Oslo (together with Ekaterina Georgieva and Martin Salzmann) [pdf]
01/2019 How to distinguish allomorphy from agreement - Invited Talk at the Potsdam Syntax Colloquium
04/2018 Deriving Deriving Allomorphy and Suppletion as PF-Idioms - Talk at Glow 41 - Budapest [pdf]
03/2018 Subject-Object Asymmetries as Domain Effects of Context-Sensitive Spell-Out. Talk at the DGfS Meeting 2018 Stuttgart - Workshop on Referential and relational approaches to syntactic asymmetries
10/2017 Asymmetric Case in Coordination: An argument against movement-based approaches to DOM' - Poster at NELS 47 - Reykjavik
10/2017 Some Syntactic Quirks of Conditional Clauses and the Question of the Uniform Underlying Base - Invited Talk at the 'Rise of Conditionals in the Fall'-Workshop Osnabruck
03/2017 On the Symmetry of Case in Conjunction' - Talk at GLOW 40 - Leiden [pdf]
11/2016 Switch-Reference as a window into SpecVoiceP - Talk at the Workshop on 'Genus Verbi' - Leucorea, Wittenberg
10/2016 Why there is no such thing as 'Closest Conjunct Case' - Talk at GGS 42 - Leipzig
10/2016 Why there is no such thing as 'Closest Conjunct Case' - Talk at NELS 47 - Amherst, MA
04/2016 The Morphotactics of the Eastern Mari nominal template (featuring the Duke of York) - Talk at GLOW 39 Göttingen [pdf]
03/2016 Postsyntactic Morpheme Reordering in Mari - Evidence from Suspended Affixation - Talk at the 40th Penn Linguistics Conference - Philadelphia [pdf]
02/2016 Case-stacking below the surface: On the possessor case alternation in Udmurt. ENS, LINGUAE group, language seminar - Paris
10/2014 Derived Coordination - Talk at the first biannual IGRA Klausurtagung - Großbothen [pdf]
05/2014 A Derived Coordination Approach to Asymmetric Coordination. - Talk at GGS 40 - Konstanz [pdf]
01/2014 The Syntactic Side of Conditional Conjunction - Talk at ConSOLE XXII - Lisbon, Portugal [pdf]
09/2013 Is there Switch-Reference Marking in Coordinate Clauses? - Talk at 46th Annual Meeting of Societas Linguistica Europaea 2013 - Split, Croatia [pdf]
05/2013 Zwischen Subordination und Koordination: Die left-subordinating-and Konstruktion - Talk at GGS 39 - Frankfurt/Main [pdf]
04/2013 Possessor Case in Udmurt - A Case of Syntactic Case Stacking - Talk at GLOW 36 - Lund (together with Anke Assmann, Doreen Georgi, Timo Klein) [pdf]
01/2013 Dissecting clause-chaining constructions - Talk given at ConSOLE XXI - Potsdam [pdf]
12/2012 Possessor Case in Udmurt - Talk given at BCGL 7 - Brussels & ConSOLE XXI - Potsdam (together with Anke Assmann, Doreen Georgi, Timo Klein) [pdf]
03/2012 Ergatives move too early - Talk given at GLOW 35 - Potsdam (together with Anke Assmann, Doreen Georgi, Fabian Heck and Gereon Müller) [pdf]
02/2012 Deponency in the Mirror: A unified account to deponents and unaccusatives - Talk given at the 15th International Morphology Meeting, Vienna [pdf]
01/2011 A Minimalist Analysis of Possessor Advancement. ConSOLE XIX - Groningen 2011 (together with Anke Assmann & Doreen Georgi) [pdf]
12/2010 Analyzing Switch Reference. The Fine Structure of Grammatical Relations. (together with Anke Assmann & Doreen Georgi) Leipzig.
06/2009 Gap Morphology and the Theory of Case Borrowing. Morphology of the World's languages. (MOWL) University of Leipzig