SoSe 19/20 04-046-2010 - Clitics
    Schedule [pdf]
    Introduction [pdf]
  WiSe 18/19 04-046-2002 - Morphology
    Phenomena [pdf]
    Lexical Integrity [pdf]
    Early vs Late Insertion I [pdf]
    Early vs Late Insertion II [pdf]
    Concepts I [pdf]
    Concepts II [pdf]
  SoSe 2018 IGRA 09 - Theoretical and Psycholinguistic Approaches to Case and Word Order (with Jana Häussler and Martin Salzmann) - Handouts on Moodle
  SoSe 2018 IGRA 01 - Syntax- Handouts on Moodle
  WiSe 17/18 IGRA 07 - Topics in Morphology: Recent Developments in Morphological Theory
    email me for handouts
  SoSe 2017 04-006-1006: Grammatiktheorie: Morphologie
    Einleitung/Einführung in DM 1 [pdf]
    DM 2 - Unterspezifikation [pdf]
    DM 3: Verarmung [pdf]
    DM 4: Spaltung, Merger [pdf]
    DM 5: Allomorphie [pdf]
    Linearisierung [pdf]
    Paradigmenfunktionsmorphologie [pdf]
    Fallstudie: Kambera [pdf]
    Linearisierung [pdf]
    Fallstudien zu PFM [pdf]
    Hierarchieeffekte [pdf]
    Nicht-lineare Morphologie [pdf]
  WiSe 16/17 IGRA 02 - Morphology: Handouts on moodle